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It is difficult for our society to see a connection between creative-artistic ability and the business world of logic and reason.  Fortunately that perception is changing as many discover that people bring their whole-self to the tasks at hand when they are able to combine "right-brain" creativity and imagination with "left-brain" logic and analysis.

Art is the exploration of emotion ~ the essence of life. Work is an essential part of life. Combining work with the wisdom of creativity draws humanity to the workplace.

Creativity comes from within. Yearning can never be satisfied from outside. Inside is a well of inspiration, our source of originality ~ who we are. When we open to our creative process other blocks in our life move. Within is an artist waiting to be uncovered, wanting to communicate through the creative process.

As children we receive imprints from parents and teachers, ‘You do not have the ability to draw, paint, sing....’ This ‘voice’ constantly reinforces our lack of ability. Negative imprinting interferes with personal relationships and our ability in the workplace. It is important to expand trust in our innate creative ability through positive affirmation to reverse this imprint.

My stress-free method of teaching allows everyone to become an “artist” in a very short period of time. Artistic skills are NOT necessary nor an advantage. Intuitive painting teaches a new positive way of perceiving our abilities. By making this creative process simple and fun it is remarkably easy to overcome fears of inadequacy.

Developing our creative potential by exploring our inner-self with the physical tool of paint, in a secure environment without fear of failure, validates our power and belief in self.



Everyone is an individual and will discover the painting process in their own way and express their personality and integrity in their paintings. Participants will learn that a painting has many aspects and emotional impacts when viewed from different perspectives. Paintings, like relationships, must be viewed from all angles to be truly understood. We have been taught to view life with tunnel vision. Intuitive painting offers a wide-angle view.

I will demonstrate a variety of techniques to create a desired result. It is always up to the individual to make their own choices and to learn to listen to their heart and communicate with the images in their painting.

Students will learn practical painting knowledge, preparation of canvas or paper, quality of paints and brushes and techniques so they will be able to continue the process at home.


-  encourages communication  

-  greater understanding of personal integrity

-  appreciation of self and others

-  trust: combination of work-based principles enhanced by intuition and expanded creativity

-  broaden perceptions by learning to look from different perspectives

-  expanded cognitive ability assists in problem solving

-  letting go of preconceived ideas

-  create an ability to change thought patterns and concepts

Creating is the true human expression, an experience to be shared. It gives us self-appreciation and self-worth. By opening to our creativity we become open to new ideas. The creative process encourages interaction and understanding. It exposes our blocks and gives us the courage to release them in a gentle, non-threatening method. Intuitive painting brings passion to our lives and allows us to look at life through more perceptive eyes. Our vision expands from the ‘eyes’ to the heart. This has a positive effect on our relationships at work and at home.

The workshop atmosphere assists in creating cooperative relationships. The opportunity to interact with others at an equal level (my unique method will be new to everyone) increases confidence and competence. I encourage the group to work together to maximize the experience. Participants learn to be open to constructive assistance but to also maintain their independence and responsibility to their personal integrity.

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I hosted an Intuitive Painting Workshop, in Vancouver, for 10 Japanese business people. They are CEO’s of the largest companies in Japan. The concept was to get in touch with their inner feelings - ‘loosen-up’ and learn to look at business from a different perspective. Only the organizer of the group spoke English. It was overwhelmingly successful with each participant completing 1 or 2 paintings. (testimonials below)

Four months later I was invited to facilitate a one-day workshop in Tokyo. There were 34 participants (I generally teach a maximum of 12), all top business people from throughout Japan. In spite of the language barrier and large numbers, each person produced a painting from their inner vision. Several cried from the enormous release of reaching such an emotional level, others couldn’t believe they could be capable of creating a beautiful painting.


          - Attending your class and painting my own was just great experience to me. I've never done the painting process like yours before and I loved it. It was just right way to me. I always struggled to paint or draw in my life.  Even any kind of self-expression, writing, singing, dancing or playing instruments. When I try to do those things, I always started

thingking first before feeling.  And of course I did not like it. It felt like that something got stuck at right above the stomach and I started feeling like choked. However, when I did the painting with you I felt just great. It's hard to explain the feeling I felt, but it was like being kid again.  

Without thinking and just concentrating my own emotion was so fun. I did not expect at all that I was going to have such great painting at the end.  To tell you the truth, I felt good and thought it's done when I finished the first step of the process. I did not see cave, waterfall, trees or mauntains at all. And how I decided what I draw was again the

feeling and emotion.  Then finally, technique was necessary to make the image visible effectivtly as I want.

Throughout this painting process, I learned a lot of things. To express our emotions, we need to have a heart to feel various emotions. And keep it sensitive and free.  I think we tend to not feel much or only feel certain emotions to live in such a busy and overwhelming society, and to protect our naturally sensitive heart from outside world.

But, what is fun? Living everyday without emotions, good ones and sometimes bad ones.  And without feeling nothing, what do I really communicate with others for?  This is what I strongly felt and thought after coming back to Japan.

These years, I've tried to change myself being able to set a goal before action, focus on the goal and achive the goal.  And I thought that's the only way to make my life successful.  Of course it is useful and necessary in many cases, but not in all of the situation.

What I need now is balance to have both or may be some other options. I will have time for painting, singing, wrting or whatever is good to express myself.  I decided to do so.

Thank you very much again for your kind hospitalty in VC. I'll talk to you again.

Itto Nakamura (attended both Vancouver and Tokyo Workshops)

          - Thank you very much for the workshop. Everybody had really meaningful experience, and they most enjoyed it. I could tell that they returned to their childhood during the workshop.

Kazumi Terada

          -  I appreciate wonderful encounter dear Anita. Thank you for very pleasant day.

It was wonderful experience. Drawing a picture is continued from now on. I need your help well from now on.

Shohei Takebayashi


               Organizational Development & Learning - for faculty and staff at UBC

The participants in the Intuitive Painting Workshop at UBC were asked to fill out an evaluation form. They all “strongly agreed” that the workshop was relevant to their working environment.

A selection from their COMMENTS:

          - Certain topics we covered in painting are definitely applicable to work (and the rest of life): remaining open to different possibilities, looking at something from a different perspective. Overall excellent, would love to do another such workshop.

          -  I had no expectations and I had a great time exploring possibilities. Definitely something I want to develop for myself and others. I think everyone should take a day out of their life and explore their creativity. It is good for the soul. I will be able to apply what I have learned back on the job by taking a different approach to problems, by sharing my experience and showing others support and patience.

          - Excellent mental exercise, it allowed me to explore many perspectives, showed me how to see things from many angles.

          - Very free and creative atmosphere, lots of encouragement gave me new ways of seeing.

          - This was unlike any course I have taken - at work or out of work, really appreciate the opportunity to move out of my comfort zone. Really helped to see from another viewpoint and to appreciate it. I think everyone would find this workshop enjoyable, valuable, insightful. I feel I have learned to be more observant, thoughtful and patient.



Workshops in the WorkPlace

For more information contact: anitanairne@telus.net