"All my paintings come from my spiritual vision: a journey through life & death, love & joy; a journey of healing."

Anita Nairne is trained in the classical tradition of fine art but her painting style changed dramatically after the death of her son. To limit Anita's painting expression to a single style is impossible. It is contemporary, modern, whimsical, abstract and impressionist ~ best described as eclectic.

Because she is an intuitive painter, Anita Nairne's art is varied in style and subject matter.

Contact: anitanairne@telus.net

Anita Nairne


Gallery 2

Landscape Waves

Gallery 5

Goddess Reflections

Gallery 3

Universal Symphony

Gallery 4

Rhythms Through Time

Gallery 6

Old Havana

Gallery 7

Bits of Fur and Feathers

Gallery 9


Gallery 8

Phantom Prints

Gallery 1

Pieces of Late